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Kidney Bean Bites

meatloaf bites

One afternoon I grabbed what I thought was corn from the freezer but later realized it was mixed vegetables. Once they thawed on the counter I knew they weren’t going back in, so I looked …

Split Pea & Cauliflower Soup

Split Pea & Cauliflower Soup

A variation of pea soup is part of many cultures. In the 18th and 19th centuries, split pea soup played a prominent role in the British and Irish diets. Sailors loved eating peas, because they …

Roasted Tomato and Cannellini Bean Pasta

Pasta with Canellini 2 150

This recipe is so easy to put together and can easily be doubled. I serve this with sautéed kale. I like this dish with a lot of garlic, but you can adjust this as you …

BBQ Beans & Greens

BBQ Beans and Greens

If you miss the tangy, sweet flavor of BBQ sauce, but not all the salt and sugar, you will love this recipe. It’s easy to make and uses pineapple as its secret ingredient.

The Plant-Based Lifestyle Is the Best Medicine I’ve Ever Prescribed

The Plant-Based Lifestyle Is the Best Medicine I Ever Prescribed

As a cardiologist, I am delighted to share the many ways Forks Over Knives has been an incredible resource for my patients, my students, and for me. I recommend the movie multiple times each day …

Two Heart Attacks at Age 29: A Story That Ends Well


On July 9th of this year, I had a heart attack at age 29. It hit me at the Walgreens pharmacy, after a couple of bouts of intense anxiety had plagued me over the prior …

Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 150x150

I created this dish as a way to use leftover cranberry relish. But it’s so good, that now I make cranberry relish all year round just so I can make this. I freeze the cranberries …

Pumpkin Bean Bars

Low Fat Pumpkin Bean Bars

A wonderful pumpkin bar made with beans and other wholesome ingredients. For a chocolate-pumpkin bean brownie, use ¼ cup cocoa in place of ¼ cup oats. You can also use black beans for the chocolate recipe to …

White Beans with Greens, Garlic and Tomato

White Beans with Greens, Garlic and Tomato

You get the colors of the Italian flag, along with fresh flavors in this dish.

Confused About Today’s Breaking Health News?

Confused About Todays Breaking Health News?

Did you hear about the study in the news today? Health information these days is much more commonplace than ever before. Every day, if not every hour, we hear of another new study or report …