A New Lease on Life at Age 72!

Lynn655x344 A New Lease on Life at Age 72!

Lynn 570x299 A New Lease on Life at Age 72!I’m 72 years young. Early this year, my kids turned me on to Forks Over Knives. My body had already been telling me it didn’t like meat anymore, before I learned of FOK … but I was still eating it. I completely changed my diet in April.

At the time, I was on statin drugs for high cholesterol. I was also pre-diabetic. I wanted to see if eating differently would actually change either of these things.

As of today, I’ve been eating a meatless, ice-cream-less diet of whole organic foods for six months! And the changes have exceeded my expectations!

  • My blood test results were amazing: everything (all fifteen tests) were within normal range, only four months after I began eating this way.
  • My cholesterol was normal without the aid of medication (first goal met).
  • My glucose was normal … so I am no longer pre-diabetic! (second goal met).
  • I have lost 16 pounds in six months!
  • Most days, I exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on the treadmill on a 10% grade, in 2.6-3.1 mph intervals. I also lift small weights for my biceps and triceps every other day and do some floor exercises and crunches.

So I think the claims in the film are well founded. Eating whole plants is definitely working for me. I plan to continue doing so the rest of my life, which I have high hopes will be a bit longer (and surely a lot healthier!) because of it.

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